January 22, 2016

Write for a Better World: 2016 Writing Contest for Canadian students in Gr. 5-8

World Literacy Canada

presents its annual

for Canadian students in Grades 5-8

This year, the writing theme was created by  
Jonathan Auxier
(who will also be the final judge)

 author of the award-winning 
The Night Gardener
384 pp.
Ages 10+
Reviewed here

What to do:
• Using this story starter, tell what happens next in 400 words or less:
People often say that "every person is the hero of their own story." What they don't tell you is that sometimes you are the villain in someone else's story. This is the story of the day I learned that lesson the hard way.

• April 15, 2016

Full Details:
• Details of prizes and the entry form can be found at worldlit.ca/write2016

• World Literacy Canada has a teacher resource for the contest here


tricia said...

Hi, I am interested in introducing this contest to my grade 5-6 students. Can you give me anymore details? It is due April 15, 2016, students must use the story starter and the text must be under 400 words? Do I email it in to you?

Helen K said...

Your students can submit their stories online at http://bit.ly/1Qqlyzr or get the form at http://bit.ly/1PQ8WyJ and mail by post to World Literacy Canada
401 Richmond Street West, Studio 281 Toronto, ON M5V 3A8. Just go to World Literacy Canada's contest website at http://www.worldlit.ca/canada-programs/write-for-a-better-world/write2016/ for all the details. Good luck!